ITAF 6th Wing to host F-35 stealth fighters from 2022

F35 6th Wing Ghedi
ITAF 6th Wing to host F-35 stealth fighters from 2022. (Photo: Italian Air Force).

Ghedi Air Base, Brescia, Northern Italy, will undergo three years of maxi-restyling to accommodate the new F-35 aircraft. Today the air base, home of the 6th Wing, hosts the Tornado combat aircraft that will be joined by the stealth fighters starting from summer 2022.

The investment amounts to around 91 million euros and involves the construction of the new maintenance hangar, about thirty shelters, the command building, the new training center that will house the flight simulators, the new warehouse and the technological center.

The works will be completed in less than a thousand days, everything must be ready by July 2022. This is the date set for the arrival of the first of 30 F-35s that will be based in Ghedi. They will operate together with the old Tornados who will be decommissioned by 2025.

Ghedi AFB will be the second Italian base to receive the F-35s in addition to that of Amendola, home of the 32nd Wing. According to today's plan, the 6th and 32nd Wings will be the only ones to be equipped with the Lightening II.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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