Irish Air Corps orders two Airbus C295 Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Irish Air Corps orders C295
Irish Air Corps orders two Airbus C295 for maritime patrol role. (Photo: Airbus).

Irish Air Corps has signed a contract with Airbus Defence and Space for two C295 aircraft configured for Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) role.

The deal also includes equipment and support and is worth around 221 million euros.

The new C295 aircraft, to be manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space at their production facility in Seville, Spain, will replace two CASA 235 Maritime Patrol aircraft, which have been in service since 1994.

The new aircraft will mainly cover the role of maritime surveillance. Secondly they will enable the Air Corps to provide a wide range of services including logistics support and transport of troops and equipment, medical evacuation and air ambulance, search and rescue and a general utility role.

The two C295s are scheduled for delivery in 2023.

"This investment in new Maritime Patrol Aircraft for the Air Corps, which is underpinned by the White Paper on Defence, is an indication of the Government’s commitment to ensuring that all branches of the Defence Forces continue to retain a range of flexible conventional military capabilities in order to meet the roles assigned," Paul Kehoe, Minister with Responsibility for Defence, said.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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