Aero delivers last overhauled L-159T1 to Czech Air Force

L-159T1 Czech Air Force
Aero delivers last overhauled L-159T1 to Czech Air Force.

The Czech Air Force took over from domestic manufacturer AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. the last of five L-159T1 two-seat aircraft after PP2000 maintenance. Now, the 21st Tactical Air Force Base Čáslav has a total of eight two-seat advanced training and light combat L-159 aircraft: five L-159T1+ and three L-159T2 aircraft delivered in the spring of this year.

“We use the two-seat version of L-159 ALCA for advanced and combat training of young pilots. Eight L-159 ALCA two-seaters allow us to fly a sufficient number of flight hours, provide quality and efficient training, and reduce the time required for training young pilots and their transition to operational squadrons,” said Colonel Petr Tománek, Commander of the 21st Tactical Air Force Base Čáslav.

The L-159 aircraft must undergo regular maintenance check after 2,000 flight hours or each 8 years after the last periodical maintenance to ensure the highest reliability and safety of a long-term operation behind the horizon of 2030-2035. “In the Czech Air Force, two-seat L-159 aircraft became a highly used advanced training and light combat platform. Aero Vodochody guarantees stable support for L-159 aircraft on domestic and international domain,” said Jan Štechr, Aero Vodochody Vice President, Military Programs. L-159 aircraft are also used by the Iraqi Air Force and Draken International, a US company that provides training for US Air Force pilots.

The first of five L-159T1 aircraft after PP2000 work was delivered to the Czech Air Force in 2017, additional two were completed and handed over in 2018, and the last two overhauled aircraft this year. Aero currently performs also PP16 maintenance (after 16 years of operation) on single-seat L-159A light combat aircraft. Aero signed a contract for maintenance of 16 L-159A aircraft worth 1.6 billion crowns at the IDET exhibition in Brno in May this year. Recently, the fifth L-159A has arrived to Aero for maintenance.

Source, Image: AERO Vodochody

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