Draken Mirage F-1M receives cool paint scheme

Draken Mirage F-1M paint scheme
Draken Mirage F-1M receives cool paint scheme.

On October 30, 2019 Draken International published on its Facebook page the pics of a Mirage F-1M freshly painted which attracted thousands of readers due to the cool and original color scheme. The combat aircraft shows an unusual pixelated yellow-gray color. The post confirms that the new and advanced fleet of the world's largest private air combat service provider is ready to go into action. "Ready for some desert flying at Nellis Air Force Base!!," the comment says.

Draken received the first of 22 former Spanish AF Dassault Mirage F-1M fighter jets on July 5, 2018 following an agreement signed in November 2017. The type will become the backbone of the fleet of advanced supersonic aggressors along with a dozen former South African Cheetah jets that the company purchased in December 2017.

They will meet the combat training needs of USAF, USN, USMC pilots, as well as several coalition forces. As the only provider of commercial adversary services to the US Air Force, Draken International is ready to provide large operational capacity to support combat readiness training in 12 locations in the United States. Draken's aircraft have been making a major contribution for years during the famous Red Flag exercise that takes place three times a year at Nellis AFB, Nevada. However, modern and advanced combat jets such as the F-35 require increasingly high-performance adversaries and Draken is responding with the introduction of more powerful aircraft in its fleet.

The main maintenance facility of Draken in Lakeland, Florida, is working to bring all the Mirage F-1Ms into operational condition with the support of the South African Paramount Aerospace which is providing assistance for the overhaul and return to airworthiness of the combat jets. The process also includes upgrades such as new avionics and wiring to enable aircraft to use a variety of additional equipment and electronic war pods. Draken selected Paramount Aerospace for this work because the company has extensive experience with the type, with full airframe and engine overhaul capabilities. Indeed the company lead the prior modernization process for these same Mirages while they were still serving in the Spanish Air Force.

Draken Mirage F-1M paint scheme

Draken Mirage F-1M paint scheme

Draken Mirage F-1M paint scheme

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Images: Draken International

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