ITAF-Leonardo: the International Flight Training School takes further steps forward

The flight school staff has planned the first training mission with the advanced Training Management and Information System software.

Leonardo International Flight Training School
Italian Air Force T-346A advanced trainer jet belonging to the 212th Group/61st Wing.

On August 19, the staff of the International Flight Training School - IFTS at the 61st Wing in Galatina, southern Italy, will conduct the first flight training activity of Phase IV with the exclusive use of the Training Management and Information System (TMIS). The TMIS is an advanced management software developed by Leonardo Aircraft Division with the collaboration of the Italian Air Force.

The TMIS system is currently being tested and implemented at the 212th Group/61st Wing which is equipped with 18 T-346As belonging to the ITAF and 3 M-346s (with mixed military/civilian crews) belonging to the IFTS.

The strong cooperation between the teams of Leonardo SpA and the Italian Air Force at Galatina AB, has allowed to develop the software for the management and planning of the training activity in a unique automated way.

The TMIS was developed with the aim of minimizing manual intervention in planning daily activities and optimizing available resources with reference to:

- fleet management;
- crew management, qualifications and maintenance of training standards;
- flight operations management;
- long-term planning with verification of the fulfillment of the requirements or, alternatively, proposal for mitigating solutions.

Instructors and students are continuously monitored by the system that follows their progress and guarantees a homogeneous and efficient progress.

The development of the International Flight Training School foresees a progressive increase of students with the consequent involvement of all the aircraft and systems of the school. In TMIS it is a fundamental sofware able to guarantee the optimization of resources (classrooms, Computer Based Training - CBT, Simulator Based Training - SBT, simulatori, velivoli e Live, Virtual, & Constructive).

The introduction of TMIS, together with the high-tech Ground Based Training System, offers the IFTS one of the most advanced integrated flight training systems in the world.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source, Images: Italian Air Force

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