E-2D Hawkeye takes out 4 Super Hornets while landing on USS Abraham Lincoln

Hawkeye mishap Super Hornets Lincoln
E-2D Hawkeye lands on the flight deck of USS George W. Bush aircraft carrier.

According to US Naval Safety Center, an E-2D Hawkeye aircraft damaged four Super Hornets while attempting to land on the flight deck of USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier in the Arabian Sea, Aug. 9.

The turboprop plane hit two fighters and the debris damaged two more jets.“It impacted two other aircraft and caused debris impact damage to two additional aircraft,” U.S. Navy Cmdr. Josh Frey, spokesman for the U.S. 5th Fleet, told Military.com.

“The landing aircraft was diverted and arrived safely at the divert location. No personnel were injured,” he said. The divert location was not provided for operational security reasons.

The report of the Naval Safety Center described the accident as a bolter. A bolter happens when the aircraft misses the arresting cable during the landing. It also classified the mishap as a Class A accident. Class A accidents involve fatalities, severe damage totaling USD 2 million or more, or a complete loss of the aircraft.

Frey said the affected aircraft are undergoing maintenance.

“There was minor damage to the aircraft involved, all of which is currently being repaired in order to return the aircraft to mission readiness,” he said.

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