Italian Eurofighters celebrate 100-day mission in Kuwait

The Task Group Typhoon of the Italian Air Force celebrated the first 100 days of mission in Kuwait to support the Operation Inherent Resolve against Daesh.

Italian Aeronautica Eurofighter Kuwait
Italian Eurofighters celebrate 100-day mission in Kuwait.

The mission of the Italian Eurofighters in Kuwait began on March 26 to replace the AMX aircraft. A few days ago, they reached the great milestone of 500 FH marking Italy's strong commitment to a complex operational theater.

It represents the first use of the Eurofighter in the tactical reconnaissance role under operations outside national borders. Thanks to its versatility and high technology, the Typhoon is showing that it can also perform ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaisance) missions, further expanding its multi-role capabilities.

The component of the Task Group Typhoon includes personnel from all Italian bases equipped with Eurofighter, and is supported by colleagues from other Wings and Joint Forces. Despite the peculiar climatic conditions, in some cases with temperatures above 50° C, the aircraft carried out over 120 missions and photographed over 1,700 points of interest. The images, after being examined and processed by the analysts of the Integrated Italian Multisensor Exploitation Cell (I2MEC), acquire further informative and cognitive quality.

The Eurofighter has been in service with the Italian Air Force since 2004 and operates daily in the service of the country from the bases of Trapani, Grosseto and Gioia del Colle, constantly ensuring the National Air Defense. In addition, it helps protect airspace in other countries belonging to the Atlantic Alliance, offering effective support in NATO Air Policing operations.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source, Images: Italian MoD

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