Bulgarian C-27J demo thrills the crowd at Graf Ignatievo Air Show 2019

Graf Ignatievo Air Show 2019
Bulgarian C-27J flying display at the Graf Ignatievo Air Show 2019.

On 29 June 2019, the Bulgarian Air Force (BuAF) held an air show at Graf Ignatievo Air Base to celebrate long years of service by Bell 206, MiG-29 and Mi-24 aircraft (Full report here).

During the three hours of flying display the crowd was thrilled by the performance of the powerful MiG-29s, but also by the amazing maneuvers of the most modern BuAF aircraft, the C-27J. The turboprop aircraft was powerful even without full-ab! After covering the "Renegade" role during an Air Policing demo, the C-27J performed an epic low-level solo display. Bulgarian pilots have shown how the Spartan is able to perform tight turns in rapid sequence.

The aerobatic abilities of the C-27J are well known around Europe, thanks to the demos carried out by the Reparto Sperimentale Volo of the Italian Air Force. Italian pilots have received many awards over the past few years, such as the two trophies won at the RIAT 2011. Every time the heavy aircraft throws a tonneau, the public wonders how it is possible. "The Spartan's crew performed low-level aerobatic maneuvers and it was stunning," said our local contributor.

It is the result of the long experience developed by the aerospace company Leonardo in the sector. However, the Spartan's ability to perform 3g tactical maneuvers is only part of what it can do.

The C-27J boasts the unique ability to operate from the most rudimentary airstrips and perform short takeoffs and landings (STOL) in extreme environmental condition. In addition, it is able to operate in extreme temperature conditions, -55°C to ISA+ 35°C (i.e. +50°C at sea level) and carry its load in very hot and high areas. It can be quickly configured to carry out tactical transport including troops, cargo, paratroops and cargo airdrop, Medevac/Casevac, VIP but also transport for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief support and firefighting. 85 aircraft have already been sold to 15 operators on five continents. 85 aircraft have already been sold to 15 operators across five continents.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Images: Kiril Todorov

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