European Spartan 2019 Military Exercise

European Spartan 2019 Exercise Romania
European Spartan 2019 Military Exercise.

Exercise European Spartan 2019 will take place from 13 to 14 May 2019 at the 90th Airlift Base in Otopeni, Romania, under the iniziatives approved by the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council. It is a multinational training event organised in the framework of the EATF (European Air Transport Fleet) program. This military exercise is included in a series of activities planned and organized by the C-27J Spartan community with the support of the European Defense Agency (EDA) and the Romanian Air Force at the 90th Airlift Base.

The countries participating in the exercise, beside Romania, are: Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, and Slovakia but observers from other owner states this type of aircraft, European or even non-European (Australia, Greece, USA) are also expected.

The European Spartan 2019 is unique in the EATF program and is designed as joint training C-27J Spartan users military aircraft, to develop interoperability in tactical operation and maintenance. In this exercise, Romania has the status of Host Nation, and the Romanian Air Force personal have an important role in the planning team.

The C-27J Spartan aircraft is designed to perform tactical missions in peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, providing direct air transport to the theatre, day and night. It is capable of transporting forces, equipment, vehicles, light artillery, various equipment and materials and assuring the parachuting / debarcation of forces, materials and equipment. It can operate long periods of time without direct support from base dislocation under severe climatic conditions.

The military exercise is based on a complex scenario, which involves the practice and the consolidation of the flight mission techniques, landing on soil and short-distance tracks, personnel and materials parachuting, the cooperation with combat aircraft, the coordination of the aerial actions with those of the land forces, medical evacuation, while also exercising aircraft maintenance enforcement procedures in multinational teams.

Such events are essential for the harmonization of European and NATO air transport operations in order to improve the interoperability of air transport crews and, ultimately, to make operations more efficient in a multinational context.


Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source: Romanian Presidency of the EU Council
Images: Leonardo

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