Sweden drops the plan to reuse parts from current Gripen fleet for Gripen E

Sweden upgrades Gripen E contract
Sweden upgrades Gripen E contract to safeguard defense fleet.

On 21 December 2018, the Swedish Materiel Administration (FMV) announced a new contract worth USD 47.5 million for the provision of unspecified new-build components for the production of the 60 Gripen E fighters. This new contract replaces the one signed in February 2013 which included the use of parts taken from the current Gripen C / D fleet of the Swedish Air Force.

The new option will allow the nation to maintain a greater number of operational fighter jets waiting for the entry into service of the new Gripen E.

"Instead of reusing the Gripen C/D equipment, new equipment is purchased for a part of the total order in Sweden of 60 Gripen E aircraft," Saab said. "This approach ensures the availability of the Swedish Gripen C/D fleet in operational service, while the Gripen E is delivered and introduced to the Swedish armed forces".

Saab plans to deliver the first Gripen E to the Swedish air forces by the end of the year. The Gripen E program recently reached new milestones including the launch of the first missile and the first flight with the Meteor. Currently the program is covering further steps that include flight with different configurations and the gradual increase of the flight envelope.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Image: Saab

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