Italian Typhoons could soon bring satellites into orbit

Italian Typhoons bring satellites orbit
Italian Typhoons could soon bring satellites into orbit.

On December 12, 2018, the Italian Air Force signed a letter of intent with the University of Rome, Italian research institutes and a company specializing in the development of small satellites, to start a new project related to the aerospace sector. It includes development and testing activities to launch innovative small satellites from military aircraft.

The Italian Air Force could use its F-2000 Typhoon fighter jets as launch pads for nanosatellites to be placed in low orbits around the Earth (about 250 km altitude) to perform Earth observation and telecommunications tasks. This solution represents an effective, economic and rapid way to send small satellites into orbit to conduct short-term missions. In addition, the opportunity to employ men and aircraft of the Italian Air Force to conduct this activity shows how they are able to cover many other tasks besides the military ones.

Space technology is today increasingly oriented towards the miniaturization of electronic components and the development of many applications related to small satellites. The researchers believe that nanosatellites could soon become effective resources for several key space applications.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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