Brazil confirms Leonardo to provide support services to AMX fleet

Brazil Leonardo support services AMX
Brazil confirms Leonardo to provide support services to AMX fleet.

The General Logistic Command of the Brazilian Air Force (COMGAP) confirmed the collaboration with Leonardo to receive long-term logistic support services for the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) AMX fleet. The agreement is included in the Brazilian Air Force program to ensure the full operational capability of the AMX fleet in the next 5 years.

The 58-month agreement provides for the provision of various services such as component repair and overhaul, logistics support for spare parts, aircraft obsolescence treatment and technical and engineering support for the Air Force. All activities will be coordinated by the Logistic Center of the Brazilian Air Force (CELOG) in collaboration with Leonardo. 

The Director of the Logistic Center of the Brazilian Air Force, Luiz Amedeo Iozzi da Silva, said: "The FAB, thanks to the support of Leonardo, will guarantee the service of the AMX fleet. We are confident that the renewal of the excellent collaboration with Leonardo will further improve the operational efficiency of the fleet.

"The collaboration with Leonardo continues successfully since 2012 and we want to extend it until the end of the aircraft's operational life. Without Leonardo's service it would be impossible to support this maintenance program. Thanks to this agreement, FAB will save money for the logistics support activities of AMX aircraft thanks to a reduction in operating costs".

The Sales Manager Leonardo for Latin America, Placido De Maio, said: "Leonardo has been contributing for years to the logistical support of Brazilian and Italian AMXs thanks to decades of experience in the program. We are proud of the confidence that the Brazilian Air Force reserves us, thanks to this new agreement, the fleet will continue to operate with high levels of efficiency".

The AMX is a tactical support aircraft developed in the 80s by the Italian companies Aeritalia (46.5%) and Aermacchi (23.8%) and the Brazilian Embraer (29.7%). The AMX entered service with the Italian and Brazilian air forces in the late 1980s.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source: Leonardo

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