Italian Army CAEX 2018
Italian Army comples its most advanced training ever.

October 26, 2018. The Italian Army Aviation completed today the exercise CAEX II 2018 (Complex Aviation Exercise) after two weeks of intense training.

The task of the exercise was to train and validate two task groups for operational deployment, to verify the technical / operational / logistic integration capabilities of all the Army Aviation units and to constantly maintain a Task Group level structure for respond quickly to emergencies of the Armed Force.

After an initial planning and integration phase held in Viterbo, central Italy, the CAEX II 2018 continued in Sardinia with three tactical acts focused on three objectives, with the use of all the assets of the Army Aviation and some land units.

On Oct. 21, in the late afternoon, a mission of exploration of the area took place through the launch of a platoon of paratroopers and the insertion of a Raven drone. Thanks to the data acquired, the Task Force "Angel"was able to better plan its mission. On Oct. 22, in the morning, the action began with an aeromechanical operation against the first target: three AH-129 helicopters launched Spike missiles, supported by the firing of a platoon of mortars.

Subsequently, a Chinook CH47-F launched a platoon of paratroopers who assaulted the second target, supported by two AH-129 helicopters. During this operation, an AH-129 simulated an emergency landing to include also a Personnel Recovery operation and the intervention of a Medevac team, after the reclamation of minefield by IEED and K9 units.

A platoon of aircraft infantry, on board four UH-90 helicopters, carried out an aircraft raid against the third target. The Exercise Direction has unexpectedly revealed the presence of enemy forces that required the intervention of the Quick Reaction Force (QRF). The QRF was composed of paratroopers ready to intervene on board a CH47 helicopter. Thanks to the provision of ammunition from a Dornier 228 aircraft, the Task Force has restored its combat capabilities.

This training, directed by the Army Aviation Commander, Brigadier General Paolo Riccò, was characterized by the synergistic integration of the capabilities of the flight and ground units. General Riccò was very satisfied with the great operational realism achieved during the exercise.

The activity involved 530 units in training, 20 helicopters and 2 airplanes, with different weapon systems, and is intended as the first phase for the introduction into the operational theater of the new tactical and operational assets of the Armed Force.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source, Images: Italian Army

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