Athens Flying Week 2018 Tanagra
Athens Flying Week 2018.

Greece’s biggest aviation celebration, the Athens Flying Week (AFW) Tanagra International Air Show 2018, is coming on 22 and 23 September, ready to carry fans ‘sky high’ for the 7th year in a row, making Athens the center of the aviation world for a whole week.

The participation of our national carrier, AEGEAN AIRLINES, will be very important this year, with sensational surprises, not just for spectators, but also for everyone who dreams of entering the magical world of pilots.

Spectator friendly! For the second year in a row, the favourite air show for the whole family is offering FREE parking adjacent to the spectators’ area, providing simple and easy access to all Air Show spaces.

There is lots to see this year, too. Athens Flying Week 2018 is hosting elite display teams, pilots with special abilities, aircraft with amazing capabilities, and aerobatic programs that will astound you.

Participating this year:

The Belgian Air Force, with the Belgian F-16 Demo Team

The Swiss Air Force, with its F-18 Hornet and PC-7 TEAM, a nine-aircraft aerobatic display

The Spanish Air Force, with two F/A-18s (C.15)

The Polish Air Force, with its ORLIC Team and MIG 29

Holland’s Frank van Houten, the “Dutch Rush”, with a Sukhoi 26MX

Italy’s legendary Silver Chicken, and also the four-time world champion Glider pilot Luca Bertossio, and Sweden’s Johan Gustafsson, with his ACRO Glider SZD-59 (with the support of the Athens Gliding Club)

Germany’s Martin Graef, with his Christen Eagle II

WIZARD AEROBATICS and Dimitris Ververelis with his AIRBUS EC-120B HELICOPTER

And of course, topping the program, with the “Zeus” F-16 Demo Team, the T-6 A”Daedalus” Demo Team, Mirage 2000s and FANTOMs of the Hellenic Air Force, along with the Hellenic Navy’s S-70B Aegean Hawk and the Hellenic Army Aviation’s special forces, with their Apache AH64s, Chinook CH-47s and Huey UH-1s.

Hellenic Skydivers and Skydive Attica will add a skydiving show and talk to interested spectators about trying this unique and exhilarating adventure sport.

Blue Air, with their BOEING 737-800, and Lacarii Acrobati, with their YAK-52s are coming from Romania.

Giorgos Papagiannis will be with us too, providing aeromodelling demonstrations.

Ground displays of antique and modern aircraft will give you an up-close look at rare exhibits.

This year, F-16s from Belgium, F-18s (C-15) from Spain, Casa C-295s from Poland, F-18s from Switzerland, the Aermacchi M346 from Italy, together with the most impressive acquisitions of the Hellenic Armed Forces, will be at visitors’ disposal for a look inside and even some guided tours provided by specialist pilots and engineers.

The Hellenic Army Re-enactment Team will give us a complete army camp from the 1940-1945 era, interactively transporting us through history.

In recognition of Athens Flying Week’s unique contribution to Greek Thematic Tourism, the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) is a longstanding sponsor of the country’s biggest aviation event.

A unique opportunity for a family getaway, the AFW Air Show interests, entertains and ultimately amazes you with its spectacle in the sky.




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Source: AFW Press Release

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