Scramble Italian Eurofighter intercept
Two scrambles in one day for the Italian Eurofighters.

This is a very busy period for the Italian interceptors, they scrambled 4 times in 9 days. After intercepting a Portuguese Cessna on June 29 and an Iberia A320 on July 5, the Typhoons of the Italian Air Force took off twice on July 8.

Sunday, at approx. 12:30 PM LT, two F-2000 Eurofighter aircraft belonging to the 4th Wing of Grosseto took off to intercept a French DR40 aircraft. The plane departed from the airfield of Curtatone, Mantua province, and headed to Gap Tallard, France.

After a few minutes of flight, the two fighters reached the French plane, which in the meantime had restored radio contacts with the air traffic authorities. The Typhoons were visually ascertained that the small aircraft was not in an emergency and then returned to the Grosseto AFB.

During the same day, at approx. 2:00 PM LT, two F-2000 Eurofighters belonging to the 36th Wing of Gioia del Colle took off to intercept a Canadian CL60. The business jet, en route Spain-Greece, had interrupted radio communications while flying over the Italian airspace.

The two fighters quickly reached the civilian aircraft to carry out the visual inspection procedures and escorted the CL60 to the national border, before flying back to Gioia del Colle AFB.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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