RAF Typhoon scramble intercept Russian Su-24
RAF Typhoons scramble to intercept Russian Su-24 Fencer.

RAF Typhoons based in Romania have been launched in response to Russian Su-24 FENCER aircraft operating near NATO airspace over the Black Sea.

Operating from the Romanian Mihail Kog─âlniceanu Air Base near Constanta on the Black Sea coast, the RAF Typhoons responded to the suspected bomber aircraft heading west towards NATO airspace.

The Russian aircraft was flying over the western Black Sea and were monitored by two Typhoon pilots from 135 Expeditionary Air Wing, in accordance with the NATO Enhanced Air Policing mission the RAF is conducting in Romania.

The RAF mission in Romania is part of NATO’s Assurance Measures introduced in 2014. At the time, the Alliance started implementing these Assurance Measures with the goal of demonstrating the collective resolve of Allies and the defensive nature of NATO.

Source, Image: RAF

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