Canadian CF-18 Demo Team scheme 2018
Canadian CF-18 Demo Team unveils the paint job 2018.

On March 23, the Canadian CF-18 Demo Team began the countdown to the revelation of the 2018 Hornet. During the past few days the Team posted on their official FB page the special aircraft flew during the past seasons.

On January 19, the Team revealed the design for the 2018 Hornet. This year's design commemorates the 60 years of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). NORAD is a combined, bi-national military command established by an agreement in 1958 between Canada and the United States to monitor and defend North America.

The livery 2018 includes elements from NORAD’s logo: lightning bolts, a north-pointing sword, the globe, and silver stylized wings that evoke both the northern lights and radar sweeps. The result is a captivating white-blue jet that made its first appearance on April 3.

Check the 2018 schedule to find out where you can see the RCAF CF-18 Hornet demo display this year.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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