The Red Flag Tanker Task Force composed of four KC-135 Stratotankers and a RAF KC-30 MRTT has launched more than 40 air refueling missions in the first two weeks of the esercise.

USAF KC-135 RAF KC-30 Red Flag
USAF and RAF tankers deliver fuel to fighters during Red Flag 18-1.

The Red Flag Tanker Task Force with air mobility assets from three bases descended on the Las Vegas skies in support the international training exercise, Red Flag-Nellis 18-1.

The RFTTF consists of personnel, aircraft and equipment from McConnell Air Force Base, Fairchild AFB, and Royal Air Force Mildenhall. The task force has provided air refueling capabilities and airlift support throughout the exercise, which continues through Friday.

Nearly 90 aircraft with roughly 2,500 supporting personnel are participating in Red Flag, and Air Mobility Command’s fleet of four KC-135 Stratotankers, alongside an RAF KC-30 Multi Role Tanker Transport, are responsible for delivering in-air refueling capabilities to the international coalition.

The RFTTF supplies fuel to fighter and bomber assets practicing a variety of maneuvers over the Nevada Test and Training Range during day and night operations. Tanker capabilities extend the range and the amount of time these assets can remain on the range.

The RFTTF launched more than 40 air refueling missions in the first two weeks of Red Flag. Each sortie supplied an average of 64,000 pounds of fuel to coalition aircraft training and operating in the simulated combat environment.

The RAF assets at the Red Flag 18-1

This is the second participation of RAF Voyager (KC-30) at the Re Flag. It made its debut at the world's premier air combat exercise a year ago marking a key milestone for the RAF. The tanker is manned by personnel from 10 and 101 Squadron. In addition, the Royal Air Force has sent to Nellis a Sentinel R1 Airborne STand-Off Radar (ASTOR) aircraft belonging to 5 Squadron and six Typhoon FGR4 fighters belonging to 11 Squadron.

Sources: USAF, RAF
Images: RAF, AirTanker, USAF

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