The APT is an advanced Italian Army exercise organized to prepare and validate the Air Units to operate in real operational scenarios.

Italian Army exercise Airmobile Permanent Training
Italian Army completes Airmobile Permanent Training - APT exercise.

The Airmobile Permanent Training (APT) is a LIVEX (Live Exercise)/FTX (Field Training Exercise) exercise leaded by the Brigata Aeromobile Friuli, which is held every year in two/three sessions. It is a new training method, started in 2015, with the purpose of validating the Italian Army Task Groups that will be employed in the operating theaters. 

The APT is an exercise that includes the OPFOR (Opposing Forces), and reproduces typical contexts of the Crisis Response Operations. The Units involved conduct an uninterrupted series of live activities such as the establishment of FOB (Forward Operating Base), FARP (Forward Arming and Refueling Point), as well as Quick Reaction Force, Personnel Recovery and MedEvac operations.

It is the last step of an intensive training for the all assets involved, they must demonstrate the level of training achieved to the Squadron and Regiment Commanders and prove that they have acquired the necessary elements to receive full operational capacity (FOC) to the Brigata Friuli Comnander.

This innovative and advanced training program is conceived and organized by the Brigata Aeromobile Friuli Command to verify and validate techniques, tactics and operating procedures of the Italian Army assets through different aerial missions. The training activities are focused mainly to prove the synergy between the Units.

The APT involves the main Army aircraft as the UH-90A multi-role helicopter, the AH-129C/D Mangusta exploration and escort helicopter and the CH-47 Chinook heavy-lift helicopter. In addition to the rotary wing aircraft, the exercise also includes modern technology such as mobile radar to intercept the enemy, Raven DDL UAV to monitor the affected areas and the advanced Safe Strike GPS to always be informed via mobile devices. The Safe Strike is a battlefield management system able to maximize the situational awareness.

The standard planned missions include the recovery of injured personnel in a non-permissive environment, in addition to exploration and surveillance missions of the affected areas. The operations take place day and night in a very real context that can suddenly change without warning.

The validation obtained through the APT guarantees the readiness of the Italian Army Air Units to be readily deployed in a Crisis Response Operation (CRO).

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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