More than 50 fighter jets and more than 50 take-offs a day are expected.

Frisian Flag Leeuwarden EART Eindhoven
Frisian Flag 2018, Leeuwarden Air Base, the Netherlands

From April 9 to 20, 2018 Leeuwarden Air Base, the Netherlands, will host another edition of exercise Frisian Flag, one of the largest international live-fly fighter exercises in Europe. For two weeks fighter aircraft from NATO Allies will work together with the Royal Netherlands Air Force executing a variety of air missions.

Usually more than 50 aircraft are housed on the ramps of Leeuwarden Air Base; twice a day approx. 50 jets take part in so-called waves to take-off for air missions. The Frisian Flag 2018 will include Dutch F-16AM, Polish F-16C/D and MiG-29, U.S. ANG F-15C/D, German Eurofighter Typhoon, Spanish EF-18, French Rafale B/C and Mirage 2000D combat aircraft.

Integrated into exercise to Frisian Flag, the exercise EART 2018 (European Air Refueling Training) will be held at Eindhoven Air Base, April 9-20. The EART is a multinational Air-to-Air Refuelling training that offers the opportunity to foster the exchange of information and procedures among tanker and fighter crew and to facilitate certification process between tanker and receiver aircraft. Confrmed aircraft include the RNLAF KDC-10, the GAF A310 MRTT, the FAF C-135FR and the USAF KC-135 Stratotanker.

The training area will be controlled by French and NATO AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) aircraft. They will operate from their home bases.

Images: USAF, EATC

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