RAF Typhoon Fighter jets from the UK will be seen and heard over Qatar this week as part of a joint exercise being held with the Qatar Emiri Air Force.

RAF Typhoon training Qatar Aviationist
Royal Air Force Typhoons begin joint training with Qatar Emiri AF

The exercise, operating from the Headquarters of Qatar’s Fighter Wing at Al Udeid Air Base, will enable Royal Air Force air and ground crews to pass on their experience of flying and maintaining the world class Typhoon aircraft to their Qatari counterparts.

Four Typhoons will be flown by pilots from 29 (R) Squadron RAF, normally based at RAF Coningsby where they train RAF pilots how to fly and fight Typhoon. 29(R) Squadron also plays a regular part in the UK’s air defence in the role of the Quick Reaction Alert team which is at constant readiness to intercept unidentified or hostile intruders.

The Government of Qatar has signed a Statement of Intent to re-equip the country’s fighter force with 24 UK built Typhoons and many of the QEAF pilots involved in the week long exercise will be amongst the first to be trained to fly them in Great Britain.

During this week the Qatari pilots will test their combat skills in their Mirage Jets against the British pilots flying Typhoon, and get to learn about the impressive capabilities and weapons systems of the aircraft which have been proven to be highly successful on RAF operations in recent times.

Around ninety engineering support staff from the RAF will support the exercise and a RAF spokesman said they were proud to share their positive experiences with QEAF personnel likely to be involved in flying or maintaining Typhoon in years to come.

Source: UK Government

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