The aircraft belonging to the Reparto Sperimentale Volo of the Italian Air Force to perform epic flying displays during NATO Days in Ostrava and Czech Air Force Days on Sept. 16-17.

NATO Days in Ostrava flying display
Italian Air Force Reparto Sperimentale Volo Eurofighter Typhoon NATO Days in Ostrava

Once again, after a year, the sky above Mošnov airport will offer the Eurofighter in both Italian and Austrian colours. The Spartan also visited NATO Days Air Show last year, however, only in a support role, therefore it was not displayed to public visitors. The last time the visitors had the chance to see dynamic display of the Spartan was back in 2012.

“Italian Air Force is trying to alter the assets that it deploys to our event. The last and only time we had the pleasure of hosting this exact combination of Italian aircraft was five years ago. In-flight displays of twin engine jet fighters are very popular among the visitors for both demonstration of their extreme flying limits but also for their acoustic accompaniment. The Spartan cannot offer such a thundering coulisse, nevertheless the bulky transport planes can surprise with their aerobatic abilities as they are generally considered to be somewhat gawkish. We shall see which one of the Italian aircraft will prove to be more popular with the visitors,” stated Mr. Zbyněk Pavlačík, Chairman of the Jagello 2000. “Thanks to the contribution of Austrian and Lithuanian air forces it will be possible to observe both types of aircraft also at the static display.”

By displaying these aircraft Italy showcases the capabilities of its aerospace industry. Italy, together with Great Britain, Spain and Germany, developed and now produces the Eurofighter Typhoon and belongs to the group of primary users of this multirole, twin engine, supersonic combat aircraft. Italian Air Force operates more than 80 Typhoons. Italian Eurofighters participated in allied air operations over Libya in 2011 and they also regularly participate in protection of the airspace of NATO member countries without their own air force. The aircraft absolved deployments to Iceland and the Baltics. Moreover, since 2009 they have participated in providing airspace protection over Albania in coordination with their Greek counterparts. Currently four Typhoons are involved in the "Bulgarian Horse" mission in Bulgaria (More details here).

Medium turboprop transport plane C-27J Spartan originates in the plants of the company Alenia (currently Leonardo) and is purely of Italian provenance. The aircraft serves in air forces across four continents. The Czech Air Force also considered purchasing of the type, however in the end CZAF chose the C-295M produced by the Spanish company CASA. On the other hand the Slovak Air Force is expecting the delivery of two ordered Spartans. Every time the audience is impressed by its flying display for the aircraft's ability to perform acrobatic maneuvers like a combat aircraft.

Source: NATO Days press release

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