The singer and two other guests flew with USAF Thunderbirds during the Air Tattoo 2017.

Tom Fletcher of McFly flies USAF Thunderbirds
Tom Fletcher, lead vocals and guitarist of band McFly, aboard USAF Thunderbirds (Credit: RIAT)

On July 13, Tom Fletcher, lead vocals and guitarist in the British pop-rock band McFly, joined USAF Thunderbirds for a flight in the back seat of F-16 number 7.

The singer was taken to the skies for an intense ride which saw him momentarily take control of the fighter jet to perform a roll and a loop and experience a powerful 9.4Gs.

The fact occurred in the day before the beginning of the Air Tattoo 2017, during a training flight of the US aerobatic team.

In addition, Lieutenant pilot Matt Masters, a RAF Red Arrows display pilot assigned to the Hawk number 4, rode along Thunderbirds during a practice demonstration. For the special occasion, a double seater Fighting Falcon received the number 4 on the fuselage.

Lieutenant Matt Masters, pilot of RAF Red Arrows (Credit: USAF Thunderbirds)

During the RIAT, the Thunderbirds offered another amazing experience to a guest when one of Britain's youngest private pilots has achieved a lifetime ambition of flying with one of the world's famous display teams (More info here).

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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