It is not yet clear where the aircraft has come from.

Kenya Cobra attack helicopter

According to some photos appeared on the web in the past few days, Kenya Air Force has received some AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters with desert camouflage. It is likely to be part of ongoing efforts to modernize their equipment and increase anti-rebellion operations (CoIn) in Somalia.

In the images the aircraft is disassembled and may have just been landed by a cargo aircraft

The origin of helicopters is not clear. US foreign arms supply organizations, notably Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Excess Defense Articles (EDA), have not announced any sale of Cobra helicopters to Kenya.

The supply could come from the Jordanian since the Arab country provides assistance to Kenya and in 2015 received 16 AH-1S from Israel to supplement its 31 Cobra fleet.

Amman handed over 15 F-5E fighter jets to Nairobi in 2007 and the two countries maintained close military cooperation relations culminating in September with a large joint exercise held in Kenya.

Last month Kenya requested to the United States to supply Air Tractor / L-3 lightweight aircraft and 12 MD-530F helicopters for $ 253 million including armaments and ammunition. It confirmed the need for Kenya to strengthen the air component in the CoIn area.

The United States also sold 8 UH-I helicopters to Kenya, of which 6 have already been delivered.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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