During this special occasion many aircraft are expected in flight and ground display.


On July 1-2 Geilenkirchen AFB (Germany) will open the doors to the public to celebrate NATO E-3A Component's 35th Anniversary. It will be a unique opportunity for the general public to have an idea of what goes on behind the gates of the air base and provide some insight into the Component's history, aircraft and daily operations.

The two-days event offers a multi-faced entertainment program from 10am to 7pm, including dynamic displays, activities for kids, food, drinks and much more.

CONFIRMED AIRCRAFT (It is not known who will fly)

1. Embraer 145-SA, Mexico
2. E-3D, GB
3. E-7T (Boeing 737 AEW), Turkey
4. MIG-29, Poland
5. SU-22, Poland
6. M-28B Bryza , Poland
7. AN-28, Poland
8. P-3, Norwey
9. G550 AEW, Italy
10. Breguet Atlantic or ATR 72, Italy
11. C-27J Spartan, Rumania
12. E-3F, French
13. F-16, Denmark
14. CL-604 Challenger, Denmark
15. Cessna Citation C525, Germany
16. EC-135, Germany
17. Bell 206, Germany
18. Tornado PA-200, Germany
19. Eurocopter AS532 Cougar, Germany
20. Bombardier Global 5000, Germany
21. A-400M, Germany
22. P-3 Orion, Germany
23. DO-228, Germany
24. Bücker 131 , Germany
25. Bücker 181, Germany
26. Do27, Germany
27. Piper L18 C, Germany
28. F-16, Belgium
29. C-130, Belgium
30. NH-90, Belgium
31. SIAI-Marchetti SF. 260, Belgium
32. Alpha Jet 2 x, Belgium
33. Gripen, Czech Reublic
34. MI-24, Czech Republic
35. C-160 Transall, Germany
36. Typhoon, Germany
37. Tornado PA-200, Germany
38. F-4E (AUP) 2 x, Greece
39. Gripen, Ungary
40. AN26, Ungary
41. F-16 2 x, Netherlands
42. Puma, GB
43. Bell UH-1D (SAR), Germany
44. CH-47 Chinook, USA
45. KDC-10, Netherlands
46. DO-28 D2 Skyservant, Germany
47. L-18 Piper, Germany
48. Piaggio P149, Germany
49. Cessna 172, Germany
50. Impulse 100 (D-MDMM), Germany
51. KC-135, USA
52. 6x LFZ plus Segelfgzg, Germany
53. AGUILLA, Germany
54. TBD, Germany

Tickets are on sale at official website.

There are rumors about a spotter day on June 30, but it's not officially confirmed yet.

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