The Couteau Delta have taken up the Ramex Delta legacy to show to the public the tactical capabilities of Mirage 2000s.

French Mirage 2000s

Last year, after the announcement of the Ramex Delta retirement, many aviation enthusiasts were disappointed. The pair of Mirage 2000 had moved thousands of people with its astounding maneuvers.

The French Air Force has probably welcomed the call of many fans by creating a new team consisting of two Mirage 2000D: the Couteau Delta Tactical Display.

The new team, based at BA125 in Istres, is composed by the following crew:

Captain "Pastif" Navigator
Captain "Elvis" Pilot Leader
Captain "San" Pilot
Captain "Axel" Navigator

- The preparation continues to try to match the level of the Ramex Delta. Perform a tactical demonstration with 2 M2000D is very easy on paper... much less in the air!
It is a great pleasure (and a very big pressure) to take back the torch of the Ramex - Pilots said.

During last week training the Team flew with the special vanilla-chocolate M2000 recently revealed (Look at the pics).

Ramex Delta pilots are now training the colleagues of the new Team - Thank you to our "ancestors", thank you for the time taken to coach us, thank you for the valuable advice, thank you for the flights and thank you for the welcome! – Couteau Delta pilots said.

We wish the new team a good training, hoping to see its performance soon.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Photo Credits: French Air Force

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