The Spanish Air Force has released the display dates of all its demo teams. A rich program that includes major national and european airshow.

Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon

National Events (Listed only the main):

03 to 04 June – Eurofighter C.16 at the XVIII International Air Festival Sierra del Segura (Jaén)

09 to 11 June – PAPEA, Eurofighter C.16 at the XII International Air Festival City of Motril (Granada)

July 22-23 – Patrulla Aguila, PAPEA, F/A-18 Hornet C.15, A-400 T.23 at the XII Air Festival of Gijón

28 to 30 July – Patrulla Aspa, F/A-18 Hornet C.15, Canadair UD.13-14 at the II Torre del Mar Air Festival in Veléz-Málaga

15-17 September – Patrulla Águila, Patrulla de Aeromodelismo, Eurofighter C.16, Puma helicopter HD.19-21 at the Centennary of Naval Aviation in Spain at Rota Air Base (Cadiz)

23rd to 24th September – Patrulla Águila, F/A-18 Hornet C.15, A-400 T.23 at the Festa al Cel in Santa Sussana (Barcelona)

International Events:

13 to May 14 – Patrulla Aspa at the Air Show at Air Base 106 Bordeaux Mérignac (France)

12-16 June – Eurofighter C.16 at Tactical Weapon Meet at Florennes Air Force Base (Belgium)

08 to 09 July – Patrulla Aguila at the 15th Anniversary Breitling Air Show Dijon (France)

01 to 02 July – Eurofighter C.16 at the Air Show Saint Dizier Air Base (France)

15 to 16 July – F/A-18 Hornet C.15 at Royal International Air Tattoo (United Kingdom) * to be confirmed

22 to 23 of July – F/A-18 Hornet C.15 at the Foynes and Bray Air Display (Ireland)

06 to 13 August – PAPEA in the World Championship training flight in Saarlouis (Germany)

26 to 27 August – Patrulla Aguila at Jesolo European Airshow (Italy)

26 to 27 August – F/A-18 Hornet C.15 at SIAF 2017 (Slovakia)

08 to 10 September – Patrulla Aspa at the 40th International Sanicole Airshow (Belgium)

14-24 September – PAPEA at the International Tournament in Locarno (Switzerland)

Source: Spanish Air Force
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