Defense Secretary James Mattis ordered a review of the F-35 and Air Force One programs, two projects that have been frequently targeted by the new American President Trump.

Lockeed Martin F-35C

Pentagon spokesman Captain. Jeff Davis said Friday that Mattis ordered separate reviews of both programs.

In a statement Thursday the deputy secretary of defense, Mattis said the review would look for opportunities to "significantly reduce" the cost of the F-35 program keeping requirements.
He said the intention is to compare the operational capabilities of the F-35C, which is designed to withstand the stress of landing on carriers, with the F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet.

This review should determine the possibility of making improvements to the Super Hornet for a "competitive, cost effective alternative" to the F-35, the memo said.
A separate note by Mattis ordered a review of Air Force One program to determine if the costs could be cut.

Air Force One

Boeing said in a statement, "We welcome the opportunity to continue our discussions with the Trump administration"

Lockheed Martin also said the company is ready to take the exam.
"We believe such a thorough and objective analysis will show that only the F-35, with its stealth and advanced sensors, able to meet the requirements of air superiority of the 21st century of all our military services," said the company in a statement.

Since December, Trump has targeted the costs of both the Air Force One and F-35 programs in tweets and speeches. He met with both Boeing and Lockheed Martin executives since then.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
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