Switzerland is ready to choose the future combat aircraft with delivery in 2025.

Swiss SAAB Gripen

The DDPS has started preparatory work for the evaluation of a new combat aircraft: by the spring of 2017 an internal group of experts will have to provide, in a report, answers on issues relating to the requirement, the procedure and industrial aspects. An outside group will accompany the work. In keeping with current planning in 2020 will be the choice of the model, it will be proposed in 2022 the purchasing credit to Parliament, and from 2025 the new aircraft will be delivered.

In 2014, through a referendum, the Swiss people have rejected the purchase of 22 SAAB Gripen with 53.4 percent of voters opposed the war investment. The Swedish fighter was been selected to replace about fifty F-5 Tiger reached their operational life. Even Eurofighter and Rafale were initially selected, but then discarded because of high costs.

Consider the technical problems that occurred with Swiss Tigers in recent years, it's increasingly urgent to replace them as soon as possible. Also Hornets suffered several incidents recently and have gone far beyond the middle of their operational life.

Today the Swiss Air Force has a total fleet of about 50 aircraft including F-18 Hornet and F-5 Tiger.
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