One of the most popular exercises back this year at Landivisiau Air Force Base, France. More than 60 aircraft from 15 nations are expected.

Rafale Tiger

The NATO Tiger Meet 2017 will take place from 5th to 16th of June at Landivisiau Air Force Base, France.

Landivisiau is home of three French Navy flight squadrons all equipped with Rafale M after retirement of Super Etendard fighter jet.

For The upcoming Tiger Meet, a gathering of 60 aircraft from 15 countries, the Flottille 11F and naval airbase BAN Landivisiau will organise 2 spotters days (on June 8th and June 14th).
The NTM Host has decided to give to all aviation enthusiasts a unique opportunity to be as close as possible to the jets and the Tigers!
Therefore in the two days it will be possible to photograph the aircraft in their parking spots, during taxi, takeoff and landings, from no less than 5 different spotting locations.

French Navy Rafale M and Super Etendard

To be fully able to enjoy one or both days, spotters will have access to the participating squadron's tradition stands and other benefits.
The ticket will include goodies, an eventual food bag, as well as a raffle for some special gifts.
Flying wise there will be 2 waves of flights each day. The first mission will start around 10:00 LT (Local Time) and the second around 15:00 LT.


Aircraft expected to NTM 17

Rafale M (6x) 11F (FN) BAN Landivisiau

F/A-18C/D Hornet (5x) Staffel 11 (ChAF) Meiringen

EF-18 Hormet (3x) Ala 15 (SpAF) BA Zaragoza

Saab 105Öe (3x) 1 JTS (AAF) Flh. Vogler

EF2000 Typhoon (4x) 12° Gruppo (ItAF) Gioia del Colle

Rafale C/B (4x) ECE 01/30 (FAF) BA 118 Mont-de-Marsan

Rafale C/B (4x) EC 3/30 BA 118 Mont-de-Marsan

F-16A/B MLU Fighting Falcon (5x) 31 smd (BAF) Kleine Brogel

EF2000 Typhoon (6x) 142 Esc (SpAF) Albacete

JAS-39C/D Gripen (4x) 211 TL (CzAF) Cáslav AFB

F-16A/B MLU Fighting Falcon (4x) 313 sqn (RNlAF) Vlb. Volkel

AB-212ICO (2x) 21° Gruppo (ItAF) Grazzanise

Puma HC Mk2 (1x) 230 Sqn (RAF) RAF Benson

Merlin HM. MK2 (2x) 814 NAS (RN) NAS Culdrose

E-3A Sentry (1x) 1 AEW&CS (NATO) MOB Geilenkirchen - Flying from MOB

Watch the video shooted at Zaragoza Air Force Base (Spain) during NATO Tiger Meet 2016.

Source: NATO Tiger Meet
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