An Indian Air Force Jaguar Fighter Trainer crashed in Chandan firing range near Pokhran (Jaisalmer district) last Monday, October 3, at 01.45 pm.

The pics is not related to this event, it's only for demonstration purposes

The Jaguar Trainer was on its routine exercise and it took off from Jaisalmer Air Base at 1:15 pm; at 1:30 pm a technical failure caused an explosion and the crush at Chandan Field Firing Range.
Both pilots successfully ejected safely from aircraft and were found about 1,5 kms away from spot.
The situation was quickly under control thanks to the Air Force incident team and no damages to civil or service property were reported.
This is the third incident in less than a month's time. On September 10, a MIG 21 crashed in Barmer district and another UAV crashed in Jaisalmer on September 22.

Text: Matteo Sanzani
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