From Roosevelt to Obama, the Boeing aircraft have transported U.S. presidents worldwide with the two current Boeing 747-200s called Air Force One. Now Boeing began development of the new presidential aircraft starting from the most advanced and efficient Boeing 747-800.

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The presidency of the United States has already signed the contract for the new Air Force One at a cost of around 3 billion dollars with delivery expected around 2020.

The replacement was necessary because the current aircraft is getting old, not only for the age (the two aircraft entered service in 1990), but also for the technical reasons: Boeing no longer produces this version, around the globe there are about twenty, all cargo in poor countries, and whenever a piece breaks or deteriorates must realize specifically at exorbitant costs.

After a work started during the presidency of Bush Jr. (2001-2009) U.S. Air Forces and Boeing signed the first of many agreements that will lead to the introduction of new federal air, the B747-8 reconfigured, which have the same aesthetic of the current ones with white-gray-light blue livery and famous big writing United States of America.

The Air Force One today boasts 372 square meters of interior space spread over three levels (including the hold), and containing the office, the meeting room, the bedroom, a small hospital. It also comes with all the latest technology against explosives, includes the necessary tools to the president to work even in case of attack on the country and a kitchen that can prepare up to one hundred meals simultaneously.

The new aircraft will be able to travel the route Washington - Hong Kong without any stop at the average speed of Mach 0.855 and lower fuel consumption.
Today, every hour of flying Air Force One, costs to the American people about 180 thousand dollars.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
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