Don't miss the opportunity to admire the powerful performance of the only team in the world equipped with 8 supersonic jets.

Turkish Stars

The Turkish Stars aerobatic team was created to introduce to the world the good skills and discipline of the Turkish Air Force.

It's the only one in the world to fly 8 supersonic jets (NF-5A/B). Over the years it took part in several national and international shows.

During the 2016 season the Team will fly in the major european airshows: RNLAF Open Days, Danish International Airshow and Airpower.

2016 Airshow schedule

18th of March - Anniversary event of Çanakkale Naval Victory - Çanakkale, Turkey
10th of April - Şanlıurfa Airshow, Turkey
17th of April - Airshow display in Konya, Turkey
23-24th of April - Antalya EXPO Alanı-Aksu, Turkey
8th of May - Aksaray Airshow, Turkey
19th of May - Airshow in Samsun, Turkey
22th of May - İzmir/Gaziemir Airshow, Turkey
28th of May - Airshow in Karadeniz Ereğli, Turkey
29th of May - İstanbul Airshow, Turkey
11st of June - RNLAF Open Days - Leeuwarden AFB, Netherlands
19th of June - Danish International Airshow - Skrydstrup AFB, Denmark
25th of June - Airshow in İzmit, Turkey
20th of July - K.K.T.C./Girne Airshow, Turkey
30th of July - Air Display Elazığ, Turkey
31st of July - Airshow in Malatya, Turkey
07th of August - Airshow in Yozgat, Turkey
13rd of August - Airshow Beyşehir/Konya, Turkey
19th of August - Airshow in Yalova, Turkey
21st of August - Airshow in Akşehir/Konya, Turkey
28th of August - Ankara / Gölbaşı Air Show
30th of August - Ankara / Atatürk Culture Center Ceremony Flypass
2-3rd of September – Airpower - Zeltweg AFB Austria
08th of October - Osmaniye Air Show
09th of October - Adana Airshow
10th of November - Atatürk Respect Flight

Source: Turkish Stars
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