"Within end of 2017 the MB-339 PAN will be replaced by the new Aermacchi M-345 HET" The Italian Minister of Defense Mario Mauro declared during a visit at the Rivolto air base at the end of Frecce Tricolori 2013 acrobatic season.
These words have sparked great curiosity about the new Made in Italy basic trainer.

Frecce Tricolori M-345 HET

Born from the S-211 evolution, the modern variant boasts 30% more power (maximum thrust 1,600 kg and load factors limit + 7 / -3.5 g) thanks to Williams International FJ44-4M engine, advanced avionics and fully electronic instruments.

The intent is to offer superior performance and training effectiveness of jet aircraft while keeping operating costs similar to turboprop trainers.

This reduction is achieved by long fatigue life and the only maintenance on two levels, made possible by the structure control system device (HUMS) that will eliminate the third and most severe level of general overhaul of the aircraft.

The avionics, designed on the experience of the modern M-346, reflects the standards of the latest fighter jets, and facilitate the transition from jet to jet during the various training steps.
The Italian Air Force will operate the M-345 not only as new aircraft of Frecce Tricolori, but to cover the basic-advanced training program for future fighter pilots also.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Pics: Leonardo
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